5 thoughts on “BOLIVIA

  1. Mumma G says:

    Once again, amazing and wonderful. You are so lucky to be doing this and I know you are going to even be amaze once you are at home and replay all of these great snipits. Keep enjoying this truely wonderful adventure that you are sharing together. Love and Hugs. xxxxxxxx

  2. Paola says:

    You have truly captured my country in such a beautiful way that I am hoping to go back one day and be able to explore it just as you did! Thank you for sharing the amazing posts and video! And I will share this so that my friends can see Bolivia isn’t so bad after all 🙂

    • Karly Gniel says:

      Hi Paola,
      Thanks for your comment, it is great to hear you have been enjoying the posts and video. It really is an amazing place, undiscovered by so many but with so much to discover! I have so many memories from our time there that I will never forget!

  3. Noe Vidal Torrico says:

    I feel just proud of my country with this video… we have so much richness not necessarily talking about money but talking about the places that sadly not all of bolivians are able to meet even living here close from all of that beauty!! thank you guys for catching the escence of Bolivia and showing it to the world!! ’cause after all, we need to appreciate all the nice things that sorrounds us! I loved the blog! and I’m really happy you made it! if you come back to Bolivia one day I really would like to meet you! remember that Bolivia waits for you with open arms
    Regards from COCHABAMBA – BOLIVIA

    • Karly Gniel says:

      Hi Noe,
      Thanks so much for your comment. You are so right, the richness of Bolivia may not be accountable in a monetary figure however it is undoubtedly present in the landscapes and the people. We do need to appreciate the nice things that surround us and sometimes you need to stop for a moment to take it all in. Our video is just a snapshot of the time we spent in Bolivia and the incredible memories we now have of such a beautiful country. Hopefully we will return one day and likewise, if you ever make it to Australia – be sure to let us know!
      Karly & Will 🙂

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